Commitment to Well-Crafted and Authentic Work

You know that…

  • Studies show that between 70-80% of people research a company online before visiting the small business or making a purchase with them.
  • It is helpful to combine new media opportunities with traditional advertising strategies. 
  • Professional photography and design leaves a lasting impression on your audience. 
  • A strong social media presence is important for every successful organization. 
  • A well-branded organization or event results in more sponsorships and participation. 
  • Your customers’ reviews and direct referrals are very important.

Now what?
LMAC Design can help!

Continuous Marketing – Monthly Design, Photography & Consulting Services

Effective marketing is original, personal, polished, and consistent. It is best to avoid investing a lot of time and resources into marketing your organization and then to immediately drop off the grid. This is why businesses choose to book LMAC Design monthly. This not only allows us to tailor a marketing plan for your unique and evolving needs and determine which marketing tactics we should concentrate on, but also for you to set a predictable budget you are comfortable with.

Lauren Diamond of LMAC Design will meet with you digitally each month to determine the specifics: what marketing to focus on and what materials to create. We will set goals and timelines for each project.

The following gives examples of items that can be produced by LMAC Design:

PR / Marketing / Design / Photography

Each of the following designs can be included in your monthly marketing package. They may also be purchased individually at any time. LMAC Design can work with vendors to order prints or products for you.

  • Advertising campaigns
  • Photo shoots and editing (People and/or products)
  • Social media content (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. – Information typically provided by copywriter / company staff
  • Brochures (Copy text provided by copywriter / company staff)
  • Postcards, invitations, and other mailer designs
  • Event branding and advertising
  • Sponsorship proposal layouts and Google slide presentations
  • Logos and branding guides (including color palate and font selections)
  • Interviews and collection of testimonials
  • Press releases
  • Newsletter layout and design (Copy text provided by copywriter / company staff)
  • Email templates
  • Business cards
  • Letterhead for print correspondence
  • Professional business portraits
  • Event photography (business related- not weddings at this time.)

PLEASE NOTE: Covid restrictions may impact in-travel / in-person photography and meetings at this time.

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